How On Earth Did I Get Here?

Have you ever wondered how you got to be where you are now? If you are where you are because you planned and worked hard for it, then you can be proud of your achievements. But, some of us have just sort of been swept up in the flood that is ‘everyday life’, and we have found we ourselves washed up on a bank in a land far, far from where we originally dreamt we would be. How did we find our way in this new, unplanned, and at times, daunting destination? You aren’t alone; this too happened to me.

As a youngster, I had the usual kid dreams of becoming famous, rich, marrying David Cassidy, and travelling the world. I also had no plans of having my first child before 25. In reality, I was married at 19 and had my first child less than 12 months later (I also thought I knew everything about contraception). I married a lovely fellow, but I married him knowing I didn’t want to be married, not having the gumption to say so. My first child was eventually followed by four more; the flood of life overwhelmed my dreams and aspirations. Reality swirled me around and it was all I could do to keep my head above water, until it spat me out 30 years later. The flood of life had left me single, not very employable, and overweight. I also had three adult children, and two high school aged kiddos.

When my head cleared I realised I could sit in this ‘foreign land’ feeling sorry for myself, or I could take control of my life. It was time to dust off those dreams! I had been handed a second chance at life. I just had to work out what was the best way to get back into life’s race, and the world was not the same place it had been in 1978!

So, after a little hiatus (of 30ish years) I held my breath, lost weight, crossed my fingers, and did what I should have done in 1976 – I applied to a university for a place in a course that would give me a university degree. This degree, coupled with a graduate certificate gave me my independence and eventually, and very recently, brought me to live in Mudgee.